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All the partecipants of the Yearbook 2020 will be present for one year in the dedicated Gallery on our international website tattoolife.com

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Material required for yearbook and Tattoo Life Map

Material required

  • Maximum 12 photo in printed or digital form (300 dpi, min. size 10x15 cm).
  • When sending, specify publication choices (number of photos, preferred order if any). Unless we receive indications from you, we will choose the best way to publish the material received.
  • Subtitles: if you want the name of the tattoo artist to appear below the photo make sure to write it clearly and legibly.
  • Send a portrait of yourself and the artists who are part of your crew.
  • Write the details of your tattoo shop in a clear and legible manner, for example:

    - Name of shop

    - Name and surname of tattoo artists/staff

    - Address (street, town or city, postal code, region)

    - Telephone/fax number

    - Mobile number (at client's discretion)

    - Email

    - Website, facebook, twitter, instagram, tumbler

    - Any additional information (e.g. opening hours and days shop is closed)

  • Material must reach the editorial staff of Tattoo Life Productions by 15th May 2020.
  • Material sent will also be used for the dedicated Gallery on www.tattoolife.com for the duration of one year

Examples of layouts

These are the most commonly used formats

Some examples of page layouts from previous years

Costs and how to participate

Distributed to news stands twice a year: September 2020 and March 2021


£ 450,00 + VAT
  • 1 Double page spread
  • + 1 year's free visibility on our website www.tattoolife.com
Download the enrolment 2020


£ 800,00 + VAT
  • 2 Double page spreads
  • + 1 year's free visibility on our website www.tattoolife.com
Download the enrolment 2020
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For any information or to book your space in the Tattoo Artists Yearbook 2020 write an email to: